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EndoVista Single-Use Endoscope System

Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

 Always Clean, Always Sterile, Always Ready

Welcome to EndoVista

EndoVista is currently developing a single-use flexible endoscope system for pulmonary endoscopy consisting of a portable high definition monitor and a family of ergonomic designed flexible disposable bronchoscopes.  The new bronchoscope utilizes advanced CMOS camera technology and offers high resolution image quality, improved scope maneuverability, and an ergonomic versatile handle.     

Concerns with Reprocessed Endoscopes

Inconsistent Reprocessing

Flexible end​oscopes are very difficult to clean and disinfect. Despite the guidelines published by CDC on the essential elements for healthcare facilities to follow for reprocessing flexible endoscopes, studies have shown that dirty endoscopes underwent rigorous reprocessing steps are still contaminated with organic residual matter [1,2]. 

Risk of Patient Infections

Transmission of microorganisms from contaminated endoscopes between patient uses can pose significant infection risk to patients. Evidences linking cross-contamination of endoscopes to patient infections have been reported [3]. Mishandling of endoscopes after disinfection leading to patient infections is listed as Top Ten Health Technology Hazards in 2019 ECRI's report.

Endoscopes Not Available 

Availability of flexible endoscopes can be limited ​by the long reprocessing time. According to one study [4], reprocessing of flexible endoscopes requires an average of 76 minutes of hands-on labor time per scope excluding the time for endoscope repairs. Patient scheduling for endoscopy has become a challenge to healthcare facilities, especially to those that do not have adequate inventory of endoscopes.

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Economic Case for Disposable Endoscopes

Endoscopes are expensive medical instruments and require rigorous reprocessing and maintenance after each patient use. However, the cost of endoscope reprocessing and maintenance is not well understood in healthcare facilities.  Ofstead et. al. [1] reported that the true cost of reprocessing a flexible endoscope can range from $114.07 to $280.71.  In another reported study researching the cost of bronchoscope ownership per use at four clinical sites, Ofstead and her team [2] estimated that the cost per use ranges from $281 to $803, which is higher than the cost of single-use bronchoscopes currently on the market.

1. Ofstead CL et. al., International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management, 2017. 

2. Ofstead CL et. al., International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management, Progress, March/April 2019. 

Value Proposition to Stakeholders


Patients are not at risk of exposing to device-related infection caused by contaminated endoscopes.  They should always feel safe with a piece of mind when undergoing endoscopy.


Clean and sterile disposable endoscopes with good image quality are always available when needed.  Doctors can focus on treating patients and don't need to worry about the conditions of reporcessed endoscopes.


Sterile disposable endoscopes are always available as medical supplies in Bronchoscopy Suites, ERs, ORs and ICUs.. Procedure scheduling will not be impacted by lack of instruments.  Hospital workflow efficiency can be improved with no wait time for instrument reprocessing and repairs.

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